Golden Triangle Regional Airport stages emergency response drill

October 27, 2020

Columbus, Miss.—Emergency responders had a chance to practice a simulated plane crash this morning at the Golden Triangle Regional Airport. As part of FAA requirements, once every three years, the airport stages an emergency response drill. Due to COVID-19 restrictions the simulation was smaller this year, but thirteen agencies were still involved including Lowndes County Emergency Management Agency, Lowndes County Fire and Sheriff’s Departments, Columbus Police Department, Baptist Memorial Hospital, Columbus Air Force Base and more.

“This simulation provides not only very practical hands-on experience, but just as importantly, it is about communication,” says the airport’s Executive Director, Mike Hainsey. “It’s essential that we get the right people and equipment at the right place on time to help save lives.”

The overarching plan addresses security, fire abatement, medical treatment, family care and media communications. Once the drill is complete, all agencies will assess their own roles then meet together to review the strengths of their responses as well as areas of possible improvement.

“We will learn a lot from today’s drill,” Hainsey states. “Although we have a very good plan and all agencies work well together, every emergency is unique. These type drills help us be better prepared to ensure that the safety of our passengers is foremost.”

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