SkyFi Learning Laboratory

The SkyFi Learning Laboratory is located on the second floor of the airport terminal building. Free high-speed internet and learning spaces are available for K-12 students. Students can schedule a desk by either calling or going online if they can. The service is free, but students must schedule a time to ensure access.

Students ages 16 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult, age 21 or over. To ensure a focused learning environment, only students and their adult escorts are allowed in the laboratory. In addition, the GTR Airport Authority is picking up the parking tab for students utilizing the laboratory.

All CDC COVID-19 protocols will be followed. Masks are mandatory, and each work area will be cleaned between uses.

“We are hoping to help students throughout the Golden Triangle cope with the challenges the pandemic has brought,” “The GTR SkyFi Learning Laboratory is just one way we can help serve our communities.” -Executive Director, Michael Hainsey​


This will be a classroom environment requiring minimal talking and noise, except for what is needed for classroom participation.

  • Operating hours are from 9 AM to 4 PM five days a week (Monday – Friday).
  • Due to COVID all people in the laboratory must wear masks over their nose and mouth
  • Space is allocated on a first come/first served basis with those with reservations taking priority.
  • Students schedule time blocks as required either online or with GTR Administrative Office.
  • Space is allocated for a specific block of time. Unless the following block is open students must vacate when their block is done.
  • Students/parents sign in at GTR Administrative Office and will be assigned a specific table.
  • All students under 16 must always have an adult over 21 stay with them.
  •  Only students using the internet and the responsible adult may be in the laboratory.
  •  Children that are not of school age and using the system for study are not allowed in the laboratory.
  • Students provide their own computers/tablets/internet device and headphones.
  •  Headphones are required—no computer speakers can be used.
  • Students are not limited to a specific amount of time if they are studying and using the internet.
  • No computer games or general web surfing (not related to academics) are permitted.
  • Once finished, each student/parent will sign out and be given parking validation.
  • Prior to reassigning that table GTR Admin will ensure it has been cleaned and sanitized.
  • GTR reserves the right to refuse the service for noncompliance of these guidelines.